Who is this guy?

Chris Schott

PhD, Education, Educational Technology, University of Missouri-St. Louis
MA, English, Composition and Rhetoric, University of Missouri-St. Louis
BA, English, Fontbonne University, St. Louis

Hello! I am an Assistant Teaching Professor and the Writing Center Coordinator at the University of Missouri – St. Louis.

I teach a variety of composition and rhetoric courses at UMSL, including Technical Writing, Writing in the Sciences, as well as courses in professional literacies and digital humanities. My courses offer students macrolevel perspectives looking at how and why writing happens, as well as practical tools to control language and communicate clearly and accurately. In recent years, my students have been exploring how language is shaped to assert authority and power in various social environments, particularly within the context of our ever-evolving digital climate. We have fun.

Apart from teaching, I am also the Coordinator for UMSL’s Writing Center, where I work closely with writing consultants and students at developing a community and culture of writing and academic literacy on the UMSL campus. We have fun there, too.

My research often centers around digital rhetoric and online communication, discourse analysis, and writing center studies. Fun, once again, is had.


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